Recycle Your Scrap at 3 Rivers Iron & Metal in Fairmont, WV!

We give you the best possible prices for your scrap metal!

Our prices are updated daily to give you the most for your scrap metal. We are located conveniently at 500 Virginia Ave. in Fairmont, WV. You can bring us all your leftover car batteries, electric motors, catalytic converters or factory scrap metal for cash. We also offer industrial bin pick up service. If you have questions about your scrap metal, call us! Also, you can download the Iscrap App on your Android or iPhone, for instant information on prices, directions and grading of your material.


Cash For Your Scrap!

We pay up to $50 in cash for your scrap metals

We pay cash for up to $50 in recyclable metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, and much more. See out full list of current scrap metal prices and read more about how to recycle your unused scrap metal on our Cash for Scrap page. Get cash for your trash metal today!

Cash for Scrap Metal

Recycle Scrap Metal as a Fundraiser for School, Clubs, & Organizations

Do a “Cans for Cash” or “Metal for Money” drive! Simply call 3 Rivers Iron & Metal to set up a donation account. Then spread the word to those in your organization and others that you can contact to bring their recyclable metals to 3 Rivers Iron & Metal to donate! We will give them a receipt for the transaction which could be tax deductible depending on your organization. We will also track the donations for your group, and then send you a check on a monthly basis!

This is a great way to help the environment and raise money! Call us for more information!

(304) 366-8099